Friday, July 29, 2011

Game Over!

A little something for all the Naruto fans that have been begging me forever to draw something for them.
I'm not watching or reading Naruto but when I searched for the characters I got hooked by Kidomaru, the cool ninja of the sound four. He loves video games and he has six arms which is great for playing with poor Naruto :)
Hope you like it!


  1. Seriously good work man! Do you think I can post some of your images on my website? I'd give you full credit and reference everyone to come look at your blogger site and Y! Gallery page. I seriously love your work.

  2. It would be an honor, thank you so much!

  3. Omg I love it!

    But I have 1 question....Where are they standing on? Looks like they are floating :O

    1. I Think they sit in a Branch of a Tree heehheehhe =D

  4. Thanks Anonymous :)
    They're sitting on a tree brach

  5. Wow, so very hot, Kidomaru is one hot nin, and so many sexy uses for those arms. This really put a spark in my day.

    This pairing is rare hot and above all else WOW!!!!

    hmm poor naruto getting caught by the big bad spider, guess hes not so itsy bitsy.

    you have such an amazing talent, you show off both male's sexiness

    awesome use of kidomaru's ability well done

    Kidomaru and Kimmimaro are my favorite sound ninja thanks so much for using the spider boy with naruto

    id love to see your work with juugo with that orange hair and special abilities i think he's perfect for naruto

    anyway such amazing work you rock so hard

  6. (Takatofan1986 from Y!) O..M..G.. This is SO awesomee!!! Wonderful job!! You are SO talented! Keep up the great work!

  7. Good work, Andy, but it looks they are floating xDDD

  8. it's a rare pairing but its HOT
    i love it
    amazing as always andy : D

  9. Thank you everyone! you're great! =D

  10. please next draw gray fullbuster!:D or someone from fairy tail!:D hot trio gajeel natsu and gray! and this is awsome thanks:)

  11. Dirty dirty :) Love it!

  12. Epic win! thank you for sharing!

    Check my yaoi & gay male art gallery you'll love it!

    If you want to link exchange leave a comment and I'll add you in my blogroll!

  13. @naruto uzumaki: Thank you dear!
    I added your blog to my blogroll :)

  14. You're pretty good, really, I love your drawings, I'm always checking the blog for updates *-*
    If it's not asking to much, can you draw something of Ao no Exorcist? Rin is so hot *¬*

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  16. Really love this pic a lot really really hope you make more of Naruto and kidomaru pic together fighting naked and again thanks for the great pic
    Oh and why does kidomaru say GAME OVER ???

  17. why does kidomaru have to put his web into naruto's mouth
    By the way nice drawing of naruto balls