Saturday, February 26, 2011

Blitzballs Touching!

Tidus is such a crybaby slut comparing to all the manly men of Spira, I bet they really did that in their locker room after they won the championship :)


I really wanted to draw something with Jellal. in the original sketch there were 4 Jellals in here, on last minute call I changed one of them into Natsu.

Ashirogi Muto

I'm not that into Bakuman, but I thought it's sad that there's not even one yaoi art of this series. I just had to make one :)

Gods of Thunder

It's so obvious that Freed is team Raijinshuu's slut. He'd do anything for Laxus.

Humping Iron

I just had to draw something with Gajeel.
This scene takes place after Natsu beats him and breaks the Phantom Lords guild, but breaking Gajeel's guild isnt just enough for what he's done! Yes, now they are even :)

Always Feeling Comfortable, Lucy's House

It's always funny when they sneak into Lucy's apartmant, I'd like to see her reaction to that xD
My first time drawing sex!

A Suspicious Request

And yet another Fairy Tail pic.
Elfman is so damn sexy, He always claims he's a real man but I want to see him as a bottom :)

Welcome to Natsu's House!

Another Fairy Tail piece.
I really like Natsu! I always wondered what other things Igneel had thaught him besides reading and writing, he couldnt possibly only read and write all that time, right? :)
Here we see Natsu in his house, thats why that sofa is in such bad shape.

Best Partner

This is the very first picture i've drawn.
I really love the manga/anime Fairy Tail and there's so little porn of it, thats one of the things that drove me to start drawing.
The idea for this pic came to me from chapter 202 of the manga (also called Best Partner), where Gray and Loki team up.
Although It's my first it seems to be the my most popular pic so far on y!gallery.

Welcome to magicandy's land!

Hi Everyone!
I'm magicandy and this is my gay art blog. I always loved yaoi and gay smut and admired artists who draw it, untill recently I decided I should start drawing myself.
Since I'm new at this and aspire to improve I need your feedback! Please comment and help me get better :)
Hope you all enjoy my work!